We’re All About Those Healthy Fats

People often ask me what the most powerful, nutritionally focused thing they can do to improve their health is. Since we’re all so different, and we all require unique nutrients to best fuel us, choosing just one thing that universally improves health is super tough. There is one fairly universal answer, though; boost your fat intake!

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Meet Our Cream Scrub

It’s a scrub… it’s a cream… it’s a cream scrub? Yep! Allow us to formally introduce you to our Cream Scrub, a new addition to the S.W. Basics family. Created using organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, and organic Demerera sugar, it’s a total dream. And while we could leave it at that, we won’t – because behind every new S.W. product there’s always a story.

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Our New Tube Creams – What’s Different?

Late last year, we launched our Pilot Batch Tube Creams. They were exactly what they sound like: Our best-selling shea butter Cream, packaging up in an aluminum tube, and sold on a trial, test-and-learn basis. While many of you loved them, we did gather some important feedback on how to make them even better. We took note of your recommendations, refined some elements, and we’re psyched to launch our OFFICIAL Tube Creams.

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vegan mac and cheese recipe

S.W. Recipe: Vegan Butternut Squash Mac ‘n “Cheese”

 So, if you think this post is going to be all about how I love mac ‘n cheese, but how I’m vegan and the struggle is so real… you’re wrong. For one, I’m one of the few people in the universe that is lukewarm on mac ‘n cheese (childhood incident involving vomit – k?). Moreover, I am decidedly NOT vegan. I like half and half in my coffee, cheese pizza, yogurt, Ben & Jerry’s, etc.
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Rosewater Spray

On Mental Toxicity

Look on the bright side. Stay positive. Keep your head up. Think good thoughts: We’re all familiar with these mind-numbing clichés, right? And we’ve probably all responded to a “Look on the bright side!” with an angry retort. #eyeroll

Here at the S.W. office (as I’m sure has been happening in your office too lately) we’ve been noticing more and more just how much of our headspace is occupied by this sour election season, continuing national tragedies, and an increasingly cruel national discourse marked by bullying and judgment and prejudice.

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How Clay Masks Actually Detox the Skin

For a long time, I thought facemasks were more stylish than substantive: Fun, kitschy, selfie-ready accessories, not serious skincare tools. This attitude was reinforced through the fact that most masks I used didn’t ever produce results; in fact, I usually ended up with itchy skin post-use, largely because they were loaded with fragrance.

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3 Ways to Lower Your Risk of Breast Cancer by Shaney jo Darden

Guest post by Shaney jo Darden, founder The Keep a Breast Foundation

The Keep A Breast Foundation was founded in response to the growing need for breast cancer awareness programs that focus on educating young people. My friends were being diagnosed in their 20s, and I had no prior comprehension of how early in life breast cancer could strike. It flipped a switch in my brain and I realized that it was my purpose to start this conversation with young people about breast cancer prevention. I wanted to do something that spoke to my peers. I use art and artistic expression to inform young people about methods of prevention, early detection and support.

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All About Our Eco Cotton Rounds

Are you a rampant cotton ball user? Well, we have a confession to make: We were at one point, too. That is, until we learned that cotton is one of the most environmentally unfriendly farming industries out there. Get this: It takes 20,000 liters of water to make enough cotton for just one t-shirt. One shirt. ONE!

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