Mom & Me DIY: “Play-Doh” + Mask



Hey, moms. We want to have a little chat. We know that you’re out there, you support us, and you’re working your tail off to make it all work – motherhood, friendships, careers, activities, life. And you’re doing an incredible job. But we also know that sometimes that can all be a bit too much and you find yourself stuck in the house with a blotchy complexion and a grumpy six-year-old that suddenly hates all of his/her toys. Which is why we made you this mom-and-me DIY. Because we appreciate you and your complexion. The unifying elements of these two recipes are our Hibiscus Mask, our Makeup Remover, and…turmeric. (Yes, the spice!) Using these ingredients, we’re making two totally different – but equally colorful – DIYs. Read on!

Homemade Play-Doh

This homemade play-doh is insanely easy to make, but your kid will get a total kick out of seeing it all come together. Moreover, hand-dyeing the dough is fun for everyone (yourself included), particularly when you’re using our bright pinky-purple Hibiscus Mask and brilliant yellow turmeric powder as non-toxic dyes. Note that this is a messy project that will require laying down some newspaper and thoroughly washing hands afterward. Also: Although the dough is technically okay to eat if your kid is a little naughty, it’s not a good idea.

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Bathtub Party Photo

Six Ways to DIY the Best Bathtub Party of Your Life

1. Dump two heaping tablespoons of our Exfoliant and one heaping tablespoon of our Body Oil (especially Lemongrass scented if you’re feeling chilly or flu-ish!) into the bath to help soothe itchy skin, fight body breakouts, and come out nice and soft. Level up: add up to half a cup of oat flour for super sensitive, irritated skin.
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DIY Your Coffee

Perhaps you’ve noticed that with the launch of our Microbatch Coffee Scrub, we’re into all things coffee lately – which, obviously, includes DIY-ing. In fact, coffee is one of our absolute favorite pantry items to DIY with, largely because it is so convenient. If you’re making it in the morning, chances are you’ve got some leftover grounds or brew. Instead of chucking the stuff, save it and you’re ready to go. Laziness points intact, ahead are three totally simple coffee-based recipes you can DIY at home. Read on!

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All About Nails

My nails – fingers and toes – have never been a part of my body that I’ve put much thought and/or effort into. In fact, they’re a mess. For one, I’m a chronic nail biter who is also plagued by peeling cuticles, a brutal combination that means my fingernails are often frighteningly short, dangerously jagged, and occasionally bleeding. If this monster-as-a-woman visual hasn’t already scared you enough, my toenails are another gruesome story. Given my compulsions, I’d probably bite them if I could (I don’t). But no, the problem with my toenails is that I’m excessively cruel to them.

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Teatime for Your Skin: Three Tea-Centric DIYs with Teapigs

If you were to rummage through the kitchen pantry here at the S.W. Basics HQ, you’d find some staple items: Nut butters of all varieties, several jars of honey, a healthy stockpile of Purely Elizabeth granola, and lots and lots of tea. Yep, we’re huge tea drinkers over here — and not just because we like the taste of it, either. Indeed, medical research keeps confirming that tea varietals of all sorts (from black to green) can promote good health. And, given that a healthy body begets healthy skin, it should come as no surprise that tea has also become a darling ingredient of the beauty industry. While products laced with, say, green tea extract can be effective, we prefer going straight to the source to reap the benefits.

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Skin Cleanse-Approved: Four New DIYs

Whether it’s cleaning out your winter clothes-laden closet or embarking on a new fitness routine, springtime is historically a time for new beginnings. So it’s only fitting that we unveil four brand-new DIYs for you to sink your teeth (skin?) into this season. Created by our founder Adina Grigore, these Skin Cleanse-friendly recipes offer a fresh take on some of your favorite skincare treatments, plus cater to a variety of skin concerns. Read on and let us know how you’re DIY-ing goes by sharing your creations on social with us using the hash tag #SkinCleanse.

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S.W. Recipe: Dessert Mask

Yum… this mask seriously is good enough to eat. (And you can, if you’d like.) Aside from snack-ability, we love this recipe straight from the pages of our founder Adina Grigore’s book Skin Cleanse for its multitude of benefits: It kills bacteria, hydrates, plus helps repair damaged skin. We highly recommend this one for your girls’ night in. Galentine’s Day party, anyone?

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Five #SWHacks You Need to Try Now

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we LOVE a good #SWHack. If you don’t follow us on Instagram – you really should – then let me explain. An #SWHack is a creative, not-so-obvious combination of our products that we hope will both surprise and delight. They’re truly wonderful, often life-altering revelations (okay I might be over-exaggerating a bit) that further enable you to really customize your routine for your skin. Below, we detail out five of our favorite hacks. Test ’em out!

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Your Skin Cleanse Cheat Sheet

Thinking about doing a skin cleanse? Well, good for you! I know the prospect can be daunting, though, so I thought I’d offer a few tips to make it easier. Perhaps you’ve read the book but need a little nudge, or perhaps you haven’t but you googled “Do sliced cucumbers really make my eyes less puffy?” and landed here, confused. (The answer is yes, they do. And welcome!)

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Go with Your Gut – Seriously

I’m sure you’ve been told time and time again to “go with your gut” and for good reason, too! Our gut bacteria – also known as our microbiome – support the healthy functioning of everything from our digestive tract to our immune system, all of which undoubtedly influence the appearance of our skin.

In fact, as S.W. Basics’ Adina Grigore notes in her book, Skin Cleanse, a healthy amount of bacteria just might be the key to clear, healthy skin.  She explains, “…people with healthy bacteria on their skin break out less often than people with less bacteria. Studies have shown that people with clear skin have 20 percent more bacteria production than those with acne.”

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