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If you’re here then you’ve heard the news: Just in time for winter’s bitter months, we’ve launched a (vegan!) Salve. Hooray! Finally!

Oops, wait – what’s a salve again?

“Salve” is one of those words that the more you examine it – writing it, reading it, saying it aloud – the more foreign it appears. It’s also a word you rarely use in conversation; one reserved for the most unusual of circumstances. Knowing this, we turned to Merriam-Webster to help us define it.  As a noun, a salve is “a creamy substance that you put on a wound to heal it or to make it less painful.” If we are to take Merriam’s cue, then, a salve is as follows: Creamy, healing, soothing.



Obviously, the S.W. Salve is all of those things – and more. Let’s begin with the texture, which is both dense and malleable, a thick-yet-absorbent coating of 100% organic goodness. The indescribable feel of what a salve should be is something we obsessed over for months: It’s thicker than a lip balm, but should be able to coat and cover the skin more rigorously than your average balm. It should protect the skin, but it shouldn’t feel smothering or stifling.


To achieve said absorbent-but-thick, soothing-but-breathable consistency, we settled on a unique combination of organic sunflower oil, organic carnauba wax, and organic cocoa butter. The sunflower oil is a light and relatively thin oil that counteracts the thickness of the cocoa butter and sticky viscosity of the carnauba wax.


Melded all together, they create the perfect texture to act as a – ahem – salve to your skin troubles. In terms of properties, sunflower oil and cocoa butter are two vitamin-rich ingredients – both exceptionally hydrating and healing – while carnauba wax is a wonderful vegan emollient. This trio acts as a tremendous do-it-all spot treatment for when your skin feels stressed; use it liberally and creatively. We think it’s great for things like chapped lips (and is a great alternative for those vegans who prefer not to use our beeswax Organic Lip Balms), dry knuckles, itchy elbows, and peeling cuticles. It’s also good for soothing diaper rash, alleviating wintertime eczema flare-ups, and treating general cold-weather blues (tissue-worn nostrils, anyone?). Point being: Use it however, wherever, whenever. Because we know some of you like to smell snazzy, too, we created two scented versions of our Salve: Rose Geranium (sweet, heady), and Peppermint (snappy, refreshing), both fragranced with 100% pure essential oils.

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