Hot Cream in the Summertime

It’s not ice cream, but we think our Cream is equally essential come the summertime. Aside from being a hydrating everyday treatment, the combination of shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil has a myriad of summer-specific uses: From helping to heal sunburned skin to reducing the inflammatory reaction of pesky bug bites.

Read on to learn more about four of our favorite ways to use our Cream in the summer months.


The Vitamin E in our shea butter will assist in soothing the attendant redness and itchiness of bug bites. Simply apply and DON’T scratch.


Use our Cream as you would a normal lip balm — it’ll help moisturize and heal chapped smoochers. (We like to carry around a Mini Size version in our bags to apply… and re-apply.)


Rub together our Cream in our palms until it is almost liquid-like, lather onto your dry tips and leave on overnight to help penetrate dry, damaged cuticles. 


This is our favorite use: Our Cream is a godsend for sunburns, helping to both alleviate inflammation and prevent reactions like peeling. Simply apply directly onto your sunburn. (For extra relief, chill Cream before using!).  

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