Ingredient Spotlight: Coffee Oil

There is one ingredient in the S.W. arsenal that seems to continually excite, bewilder, and generally be of interest to our customers: Coffee oil. Found in our Oil Serum, coffee oil is arguably the most misunderstood of all our ingredients. That’s to say, it gets talked about a lot – and there’s a lot of confusion swirling around about it.


We’re here to clear the air and tell you authoritatively that coffee oil is amazing. Yes, it has a very distinct coffee smell. No, it won’t dehydrate your skin. And yes, it can work to alleviate a variety of skin concerns, thanks to its tremendous versatility.




The reality is, coffee oil is sort of skincare ninja. On one hand, it’s really moisturizing, thanks to the fact that it is packed with essential fatty acids, the ultra-nourishing substances that help the skin produce and protect its natural oil barrier. These fatty acids give your skin that plumped-up, I-just-slept-12-hours-on-marshmallow appearance.


Moreover, coffee oil is asset for mature / aging skin because it’s rich in phytoesterols, aka cholesterol-like molecules found in plants. When applied topically, these mighty molecules can help repair damaged skin barriers and prevent the breakdown of collagen. In fact, of all the products we make here at S.W. Basics, we would argue our Oil Serum is most aligned with the objective “anti-aging.” (Disclaimer: We don’t really believe in this expression, because aging is a natural, inevitable process and we aren’t in the business of creating time machines. We digress.)


Lastly, coffee oil can actually be great for acne-prone skin because is fairly close in the (more acidic) pH to the skin’s oil barrier. Why does this matter? Research has show that skin that’s too alkaline –usually because you’re using soaps or detergents – can be more prone to breakouts, dryness, and sun damage.


Oh – and one more thing: Caffeine! There’s a lot of confusion about coffee oil and caffeine. Here’s the deal: The tightening and brightening effects of caffeine are definitely present and accounted for incoffee oil, which is good news for your skin. The jitter-inducing side effects? Not so much. So even the caffeine-adverse should be fine using coffee oil, particularly in the limited quantities present in our OilSerum. Now go on, get crazy.

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