Join The S.W. Basics Framily!

It takes a village, and right now we only have…a nuclear family. We are a small group of people who have birthed, nursed, and coddled the child that is S.W. She’s getting bigger day-by-day, and we don’t have the bandwidth to deal with the terrible twos all on our own. That’s why we need you: someone who is as ready to raise this child as we are, and has experience that we might not.


So let’s get to know each other in a real way because resumes are boring (but include that too okay?). Instead of writing a cover letter, please tell us about yourself in a short essay. Thank your fifth grade teacher if your heart didn’t just skip a beat. But still apply even if you’re nervous?? The essay can be about anything. Seriously, we mean it. Even a story about your love of rare rocks (or Katy Perry). Here are our only guidelines: Be creative and weird and show us as much realness as possible so we can get to know YOU.


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A little bit about us (we hope to have some of this in common). We are:

-an open-plan office that over-shares

-opinionated and thoughtful

-obsessed with tone, humor, and grammar (spelling too because duh)—but willing to break our own rules if it’s for a good reason (AKA, we know it should technically be “five ingredients or fewer”)

-fiercely political and informed, and interested in constantly learning and developing

-podcast junkies

-open to feedback (some of us are sensitive, but we get over ourselves because it’s just a job)

-highly ambitious, even to the point that it’s slightly naïve (please see: “Skincare might not change the world, but shouldn’t it at least try?”)

-all about work enhancing life, not ruining it

-food snobs, even if it happens to be boxed mac and cheese we’re arguing about

-insightful enough to think about what we’re doing wrong before anyone else does


A few current staff faves:

-Shake Shack, but also By Chloe

This Invisibilia episode

The Mountain Lady

-Articles about health and wellness

-Getting a new office and where in Brooklyn that will be (I mean, come on L train)

Dog memes

-Inspiring quotes that make us want to be better humans. Look on our Instagram if you want to know more.


In addition to the essay, tell us what you think we need to do to take S.W. to the next level and how you’d help us accomplish it if you worked here. Be truthful–we can take it.


And lastly, share something with us that you’re super proud of. It can be an achievement at your current job, a portfolio of your photography, or an amazing meal you made— anything that lets us see you a little bit nearer and dearer.


Send all of the above to


We can’t wait.


PS– We are hiring for multiple positions, but sadly our little toddler requires parents with experience. Please only apply if you have worked at the job you are applying for. Generally, we are looking for people in the following departments:


  • Sales to small independent stores, natural grocery stores, or big national retailers
  • Operations and finance in a management capacity
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Social media strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Advertising and media buying in regional markets

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