Our New Tube Creams – What’s Different?

Late last year, we launched our Pilot Batch Tube Creams. They were exactly what they sound like: Our best-selling shea butter Cream, packaging up in an aluminum tube, and sold on a trial, test-and-learn basis. While many of you loved them, we did gather some important feedback on how to make them even better. We took note of your recommendations, refined some elements, and we’re psyched to launch our OFFICIAL Tube Creams.

Here’s what you need to know about them:  


According to your feedback, the main issue we needed to address with our Pilot Batch Tube Creams was the packaging. You all agreed that having the convenience of a smaller, on-the-go cream dispensed via a tube was awesome, but you had some issues with the tube itself. It wasn’t sturdy enough, you said, and it had the tendency to crinkle and crumble easily. This also would cause the label to fall off, which of course bothered us (we’re all about those glamour shots). Plus there were some “oopsy” moments where the product would come out of the back end of the tube due to a lack of strong adhesive. Leaking, crumbling tubes are obviously a problem. We’re sorry!

Our new aluminum tubes are sturdy but flexible, enabling you to squeeze them with reckless abandon without resulting in misshapen, sculpture-like results. Furthermore, the back end has been firmly secured so you don’t need to worry about them leaking out product. Lastly, the labels have been upgraded–you don’t have to worry about them falling off, either.



A secondary issue you flagged for us was regarding the formula. While you loved the thinner consistency of the cream (important for dispensing via a tube), you noticed something was “off” with the smell. Thanks to a particularly potent batch of organic shea butter, the signature yummy aroma of our Cream was thrown off. We’ll save some of the choice ways you chose to describe it (“dinosaur poo” being among the best, though), but basically, you noted that you didn’t really like the smell. Our new Tube Creams will still look and feel the same, but they’ll have a much more pleasant aroma thanks to some rigorous sourcing, testing, and learning.


Our Tube Creams are still two ounces, still packaged in recycled aluminum tubes, and still come in three versions: Unscented (our original Cream), Juniper (woodsy, piney), and Lavender (fresh, calming). They’re great for bringing with you on the go and they can be used anywhere and everywhere: On your hands, face, body, and even in the tips of your hair.

Enjoy ‘em – you’ve earned it!

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