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raw vegan pecan pie

Lizzy’s Raw Vegan Pecan Pie

My entire family is from the deep south, so you can imagine our food delicacies. Growing up, my family gatherings were centered around Carolina style barbecue, decadent pies, and game-time boiled peanuts. My grandma was known for her pecan pie – chalk full of butter, white sugar, and corn syrup. I never met my grandma, but I’ve been told she was an incredibly grounded, honest, whip-you-into-shape kind of gal. I steer clear of pecan pies these days, but I’m honored to strive towards my grandma’s sense of strength and kindness.

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Goat Cheese Broccolini Eggplant Sandwiches

Goat Cheese Broccolini Eggplant Sandwiches

When I was growing up, my mom and I spent every Tuesday night together because my dad worked late. For years, we watched Full House and ate goat cheese broccolini eggplant sandwiches (a recipe she invented), and as the ritual developed, it came to feel like a special treat during the school week. I’ve probably eaten this sandwich more times than any other meal, yet I’m still not sick of it!

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crunchy vegan carrot recipe

Michael’s Crunchy Vegan Carrots

This is an old family recipe from my aunt who passed away when I younger. She was such an inspiring women and was always the one pulling our family together, especially with her crunchy cheese carrots. My sister has been making this recipe every year in her memory. I’ve tweaked it so it’s S.W. friendly—i.e. gluten and dairy-free. Half the recipe for a family smaller than 4!

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sourdough pancake recipe

Adina & Adam’s Sourdough Pancakes

Adam and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary, which is to say that we’re most definitely family at this point. Though we’re thinking about having kids soon, right now we’re pretty obsessed with our sourdough starter. We feed it, hire a babysitter to tend to it while we’re out of town (my sister or Adam’s brother), and do a lot of fun things together. And it doesn’t cry…so should we just leave it at three? Our most recent experiment was sourdough pancakes, and we think they turned out pretty flippin’ great (get it?). Here’s the recipe for you:

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outdoor womens alliance

The Awesomeness of the Outdoor Women’s Alliance

If you’re anything like us, you might find the outdoors intimidating and sometimes even a little scary. Sure, you can hike like a champ. Maybe you run outside. And obviously laying out in the park or at the beach–done and done.

But talking with Trish Cloutier, a Grassroots Team Leader for the Outdoor Women’s Alliance made us realize it might not be our fault? And that it’s kind of a thing. Trust, it’ll all make sense soon.

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get outside blog post

The Benefits Of Getting Outside

We all intuitively know that when we spend time outside, we feel so much better. Our mental clutter subsides, our skin looks healthier, and our outlook on life opens up. There’s actually a science to what’s going on here. Read on!

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How to diffuse essential oils.

How to Diffuse Essential Oils

Plus a Q+A With Ceramicist Jessie Lazar

In Just the Essentials, our founder Adina Grigore notes that the simplest way to integrate essential oils into your life is to just smell ‘em. Yep, pop open a bottle, take a whiff, and be done with it. In many cases, the smell will be pleasing – but that’s not the whole story, which is what makes essential oils so darn amazing.

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wilderness society

Wilderness Society: Politics plays a major role in what you do

In honor of Earth Month, we’re shining the spotlight on our pal (and Adam’s BFF) Josh Hicks. Josh works for the Wilderness Society, a conservation organization that seeks to protect and preserve our nation’s wild backcountry from development and environmental threats. We interviewed Josh last year, and we thought it would be an appropriate time to check back in with him and see what’s changed.

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