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S.W Recipes: Vegan Coconut Butternut Soup

Hi. First things first, let’s start this whole thing off by making an outrageous (but totally true) claim: this is going to be the easiest soup you’ve ever made in your life. There, I said it. I can’t take it back now and suddenly I’m feeling a little nervous about it, but I’m sticking to it. Easy. Peasy.

Second, please take a second to say coconut butternut five times fast.

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Scent Your Cream!

We know many of you love our bestselling Cream. Yet we also know that love is imperfect and some of you would like it to smell like the beach / a pine needle / a balmy coconut grove. We hear you. And we have two recommendations.

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Salve Hacks

We launched our Salve to be a catchall, use wherever / whenever treatment for whatever ails ya. Got chapped lips? Slather it on. Plagued by that weird, dry patchiness on your elbows? Salve ‘em. Got too burned and have a peeling nose? Salve will work.

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Vegan whole grain brownies for the love of your life (or, you know, you)

Hi! In case you weren’t already aware because the marketing world hasn’t been beating it into your head for the last two and a half months (you know, starting a week before Christmas), tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Are you wearing a pink sweater? Going on a cliché (I mean CUTE.) date? Holding a dozen roses? Microwaving a sad (AWESOME) dinner for one?

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CLEANSE WITH US (You won’t be sorry.)

January 20 might feel like the best day or the worst day to you. Either way is cool with us. For SW, let’s just say it’s all feeling a little… surreal. Uncertain. Okay let’s be real we’re all a little bit scared and a lot confused.

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S.W. FAQ: Our Cleanser

When we first released our three-ingredient, non-foaming Cleanser many moons ago, the skincare world was in a bit of a different place. Brands like Clearasil dominated the face wash category with their “blackhead-busting,” detergent-filled offerings; the idea that a good face wash can – and should – produce no foam was virtually unheard of. Now it’s 2017. Micellar face washes are en vogue (something we’ve discussed at length) and it’s no longer unthinkable to wash your face with something that doesn’t leave you feeling like you just assaulted it with hospital-grade disinfecting soap. In fact, more and more of you understand that a good cleanser should be as gentle as it is effective.

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Trying to get pregnant for the first time is a beautiful thing. It’s also a disorienting, emotional, and downright confusing process. You’re embracing learning-as-you-go, gleaning information from wherever you can, and generally hoping you’re doing the “right thing” – because, trust me, you’ll be bombarded with a lot of conflicting information. (Lift your legs up in the air after sex? Give up chocolate? Recite fertilization-affirming mantras post-coitus? Yep, I’ve heard it all…)

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