Power Couples

Power Couples: 1-Ingredient Packet Edition


So you wanna know how to amp up our single ingredient packets? SWEET. That’s really our favorite thing to hear. Below are some super easy ways to pair them up and get even more bang for your (very few) buck(s).


Shea + Jojoba = Maximum Moisture


If you want a full body dose, mix the full contents of both packets in a bowl, and scoop a small amount at a time until you’re all the way moisturized head to toe. For face only, just squeeze a small amount of each into the palm of your hand, massage your hands together to mix, then apply. Let it soak in if you’re super dry or towel off excess if your skin is more combination or oily. (This doubles as an amazing makeup remover!)

French Green Clay + Aloe Vera = Gentlest Mask


Having super sensitive skin doesn’t mean you can never mask! It’s just about using gentle ingredients that don’t overpower your skin leaving you dry and tight. Enter French Green Clay and Aloe Vera. You can layer one over the other: add a small amount of water to the clay to make a paste and coat face evenly. Repeat with aloe. Rinse immediately with warm water or leave for a few minutes, until you feel the ingredients become dry on your face. Then remove gently with a warm wash cloth and moisturize.


If you’re more ambitious, you can mix the powders together first in a bowl, then add water until you get a paste. Throw in some honey for an added boost that smells delicious.


Jojoba Oil + French Green Clay = Face Paste


Sounds weird but it’s awesome. Mask while you moisturize by adding your jojoba oil to your clay and massaging the paste into your skin. You’ll remove dirt and excess oil but still feel plump and proper after. Leave on for a few minutes or rinse like you would a face wash and pat dry.


Charcoal + Rosewater = Dirty but Rosy


Okay so this is technically a cheat because our Rosewater is not a packet (…yet). But since we wouldn’t recommend mixing charcoal with oils (it’ll stick to your face forever and ever, or you know, way longer than you want it to), hydrosol is a nice way to boost the charcoal’s benefits and the experience of using it. Simply pour the Charcoal packet into your hand and spritz with Rosewater. Apply as a face scrub or mask, then you know the rest!


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