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While we hate to choose favorites, our Toner is arguably one of them. Not only does it help to balance out oil production – making skin less oily and less dry – its acidic nature assists in regulating the skin’s own pH, resulting in less blemishes and a more even-toned complexion. And while we may be biased, we kinda think you guys feel the same way, too – for the most part…


Yep, our Toner is definitely a fan favorite, but it doesn’t come without its own “baggage” and, given the unique nature of this product, we get asked plenty of questions about it. As such, we decided recently to poll our Instagram followers to see what questions they had regarding our Toner. We’ve rounded some of the most common ones up and answered them below!


Q: I’ve had mine for a few months and have noticed some buildup recently “growing” on the bottom. Assuming it’s normal since there’s vinegar in it? — @friesaimee


A: We get this question ALL THE TIME. (Like, on a daily basis.) And it’s totally understandable, too. That little blob of goo can look… suspect. But it’s not. The growth you are seeing is what is called the Toner’s mommy aka the “mother” in the apple cider vinegar. This is proof that the vinegar is unpasteurized, so it’s full of nutrient-rich bacteria that are magnificent for your skin. Over time it will continue to grow, preserving the Toner and building up its quality.


Q: Is there ever a time when the mother gets to be too much? I feel like the mother is out of control, lol. –@chelbeans


A: A mother being overbearing?! No way. (Okay, bad joke.) Listen, if it bugs you, pull it out and toss it. But it will grow back and it is amazingly corrective for your skin’s pH. So… maybe just enjoy it? Mama knows best.


IMG_2859 (1)


Q: Does your Toner get stronger over time or am I imagining things? [If so, is there something I can / should add to re-dilute?] -@_emi.s.c


A: The mother in the ACV will get more pronounced over time, which may attribute to some changes in smell and consistency. Moreover, if you’re storing your Toner directly in sunlight regularly, that can alter some of properties like odor and appearance. With that said, it should not get markedly stronger over time. If you do want to dilute it, though, we recommend mixing it with more water or a hydrosol outside of the bottle (introducing non-distilled water into the bottle can potentially cause the not-good kind of bacteria growth).


Q: I’m obsessed with this Toner but what can I do to prevent the rusty top?? I’ve tried storing it in various locations / temperatures and nothing seems to help. –@eringould19


A: Short answer: We are working on it. Long answer: Part of the reason why you’re seeing rust from the caps is because we are using tin – not plastic – tops. This is a sustainability and a health decision, because plastic is notoriously iffy: It’s not biodegradable (well, it takes thousands of years to break down); it takes a fair amount of energy to produce (usually via fossil fuels); and it can release chemicals that act as hormone disruptors.


Now, back to the rust: It will not affect the product whatsoever and is not personally dangerous to you. But it is unsightly and we don’t like it either, and we’re developing some new packaging solutions that will prevent this from happening. If you do have a rusty top and need a replacement, please email Lizzy@swbasicsofbk.com. She will send you over a plastic spray top to tide you over!


Q: Is this okay to use on acne-prone skin? I used to use a toner that completely dried out my skin and was no good so I’m scared to use toner again!! — @totalcassmove


A: We’re betting that the toner you used probably had alcohol, fragrance, and/or preservatives in it (probably all three). Each of those ingredients is incredibly harsh; in particular, alcohol is one of the most drying and punishing things you can put on your skin. Our Toner’s key ingredient is apple cider vinegar – no alcohol, nothing synthetic, and nothing unnaturally astringent. With that said, it is a natural astringent but in the best way possible. ACV helps to balance out your skin’s pH, meaning that if you’re producing too much oil, it will remedy that. Oppositely, if you’re not producing enough oil, it will assist with that too. Essentially, it helps keep the skin’s crucial acid mantle intact and healthy, so you’ll never be out of whack again. And, oh yeah, given it’s oil-balancing properties, it is great for treating and preventing acne.


Q: I wanna make my own – I’d ask you to tell, but I doubt you’d tell me how! — @ccriseell


A: No worries – this isn’t top-secret CIA information! If you want to make your own Toner, here’s a rough outline: 3 parts distilled water to one part apple cider vinegar. If you want to get fancier, add a drop or two of the essential oil(s) of your choice, being sure you’ve used them before and your skin likes them!


Q: Can I use this product while pregnant? (Bonus Q: This one we didn’t receive off of Instagram, but we get it all of the time!)


A: If you want to be super-duper cautious our answer is no. Here’s why: While the information has been conflicting, some research has shown that clary sage could have an influence on bodily contractions (i.e. – it could cause premature labor). Our Toner does contain clary sage, although a very small amount – just a couple of drops. So, given the amount in it and the sketchy information around clary sage and pregnancy, you’d most likely be just fine using our Toner.


But we’re not talking about reality here. We’re talking about pregnancy reality, and we get it: If you’re not 100% sure if something that could negatively influence your precious baby, then why put yourself through any unnecessary stress or drama? So, just use diluted ACV during your pregnancy and go worry-free! And good luck!


PS: We’ve also heard that not everyone loves the smell of the Toner. We did our best to complement the strong presence of apple cider vinegar with clary sage and sandalwood, but we recently received the best tip from an S-dubber: After applying Toner, spritz on some Rosewater Spray! Works like a charm.

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