Wedding Season Wisdom: From the Guest

Being a natural skincare company that obsesses over holistic health, it makes sense we would get all up in wedding season. We have so much advice to share, especially if you’re the bride! But this year, we were all, “what about if you’re a guest at the wedding(s)? That can be stressful too!” I mean, some of us on the S-dubs team are married, but all of us have been guests at lots and lots of weddings. So here we are, not ignoring the fact that you, dear wedding goer, may need advice on how to keep it healthy and skin-cleary too. These are some of our tips for having a great (or at least not terrible?) wedding season.


Get motivated, just like the bride and groom do. 


Let’s be honest, you’re freaking out about the weddings you’re going to anyways. Aren’t you? You’re going to see so many people you know, and you are just bound to run into a childhood bff/bully/EX. If you’re really lucky, you’ll even be sitting at the same table!


The problem is, it’s really easy to freak out about being a wedding guest, but sadly super rare to make the mental transition that the bride and groom make: it’s time to boost self-care. Sure, getting married is perhaps one of the most stressful life events, so that might not be the best type of motivation (there are 312 results on Amazon under the heading “wedding diet”). But it still leads to some really positive life changes. This may include a hardcore diet, but it also includes more physical activity, a healthier skincare routine, and generally more attention to your wellbeing. So take that cue and apply it to yourself. Once you get that Save the Date, put yourself on a plan to feel kickass on [someone else’s] big day. Take the opportunity to do a skin cleanse. Drink more water. Eat more greens and fruit. You’ll feel better, your skin will look better, and you’ll have so much to brag about to other wedding guests when they ask why you glow.




Once you’re in green smoothie and downward dog land, that’s good enough. You need to chill out. It’s not your wedding, after all. You can save the real flipping out for when it is. It’s a party with free food and booze and cake. Figure out how to enjoy it. Stressing will give you bad skin, and more importantly, it’ll make you a sucky wedding guest. Don’t whine about how “the one that got away brought a super hot date” and do not by any means tell the bride or groom any crappy opinions about the wedding. They don’t care what you think (and they just paid for your food and booze and cake). Be nice, it’ll show on your skin and everyone will be so grateful and impressed. Take some deep breaths to center yourself if you get overwhelmed…or hate dancing.


Pace yourself. 


The general rule while drinking is that you need to consume one cup of water for every cup of alcohol. There is no better time to observe this than at a wedding. It’s a terrible place to get sloppy. Plus, when you’re going to a lot of weddings, it’s easy to lose sight of how much drinking you’re really doing. Carry a glass of water around with you, or make your date carry it.


And don’t break all of your food rules, but remember to eat. If you are gluten-free or dairy-free, do not lose your mind binging on puff pastries or fancy brie. If you can’t help it, remember there will be consequences. We love digestive enzymes, you can carry some in your purse and pop ’em while you ignore your sensitive skin and stomach. Try to find food that agrees with you, especially veggies. Don’t skip the hors d’oeuvers. This will help your body process alcohol more slowly, and you’ll manage a slightly healthy party, which is almost like an oxymoron.


Weddings can be awesome. They’re an opportunity to socialize IRL, celebrate love and family, and hang out in a beautiful setting. Remember why you’re there and remember that it can be an excuse to take better care of yourself!


Header image from My Best Friend’s Wedding via Buzzfeed


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