S.W. Basics Goes on a Holiday #TechCleanse

What is a “tech cleanse” and why are we doing it? Is it because we’re obsessed with Kendall Jenner and wish we were bffs? I mean kind of, but a digital detox is old news for S-Dubs. For the past two years, our team has collectively taken time, always around the holiday season, to disconnect. For one full day, we don’t post on Instagram, we don’t text our friends, and we don’t check our email. This year, we’re pushing the envelope and going tech-free for three full days. What’ll happen? Will our heads explode? Will the world miss our Instagram posts? Will we be so bored that we’ll actually be forced to face all of our fears and problems and neuroses? All likely.

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You’re Really Hot. No, I Mean It.

Last week Adam and I went to a fancy event. We rarely go to fancy events–so rarely that we generally find them fairly stressful. We spend weeks trying to decipher the dress code (I have googled “formal attire” so many times), plan the entire day around it (“it’s snowing out we should really take a cab but that’s over the top so let’s suffer through the train”), and then we reward ourselves for surviving (this time it was shawarma and Annie don’t be jealous). It’s pretty hilarious.


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How to Make a Good Resolution – and Keep It, Too

What’s in a resolution? Depends on who you ask, really. Some people view them as integral parts of the New Year, motivational forces that thrust you past the doldrums of January into blissful nirvana. Others view them as silly, futile, make-you-feel-bad promises that you’ll inevitably end up breaking while drunk off bad wine, eating Cheetos.

My viewpoint of them falls somewhere in-between. I’ve had both totally successful resolutions and real flops. Along the way, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes them “work” and what doesn’t. Below, I’m sharing some wisdom I’ve picked up, plus some professional insight on how to make and keep a good resolution. Read on!

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