S.W. Recipe: Baked Almond Butter Bananas

“Hot stuffed bananas! Getcha hot stuffed bananas!”


If you know team S.W., you know we’re all about eating well, but that we know how important it is to indulge (looking at you pastries/bagels/other refined-and-fabulous-tasting treats). So we’re always on the lookout for our food version of Prince Charming: healthy, sweet treats that satisfy but won’t leave us feeling sluggish or bloated. (Right now, we’re really into Hungry Root’s Black Bean Brownie Butter and Big Spoon Roasters Chai Spice nut butter.)


While we love scouring the interwebs and shelves for our next favorite, edible find, we also get a kick out of experimenting in the kitchen, which is where this recipe comes in.


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S.W. Recipe: Vegan Nut Cheese

Q: How much do I love cheese? A: The limit does not exist. Like most of you, I find cheese to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. The main event of my favorite foods (read: macaroni and cheese, pizza, and chicken parm) is cheese. However, in high school, I began frequenting the doctor due to chronic sinusitis, and was told that curbing my dairy intake may help with mucus production and inflammation. Open to tweaking my lifestyle to alleviate my symptoms, I began slowly pumping the breaks on dairy consumption.

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S.W. Recipe: Mackenzie’s Not-So-Bad-For-You Loaded Veggie Mac ‘n Cheese

Roughly two years ago, our friend Mackenzie Smith left S.W. Basics to pursue a full-time career in food. While we hated to see her leave, we’ve loved watching her grow her interests and talents in a full-fledged, drool-worthy business. Not only is she the head chef of (the amazing-looking) The Black Dolphin Inn in New Smyrna, Florida, her blog and Instagram – both aptly named Grilled Cheese Social – have become wildly popular sources for food inspo.


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S.W. Recipe: Rachel’s 9-Ingredient Quinoa Granola

Several weekends ago, I woke up with a very specific hankering for kinda-savory-but-slightly sweet granola. Since I didn’t have said granola on hand in my apartment, I dragged my sleepy bum to the overpriced supermarket near my apartment. After perusing the various available options, I realized that I couldn’t find a healthy granola for under $11. In an attempt to be both frugal and resourceful, I abandoned my granola mission and headed home.

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S.W. Recipe: Raw Snickers Bars

Recently, while cruising Instagram, I encountered a photo that stopped me dead in my scrolling. It was for a “raw Snickers bar” and it was posted by Lee From America (who, incidentally, is an excellent healthy-yet-delicious food follow). Now, if you’re confused by what a raw Snickers bar is, let me clear the air: It’s basically a healthified version of one of life’s most glorious pleasures: A FROZEN SNICKERS BAR. (Yeah, like the ones you used to greedily devour in the summer in between intense sessions of capture the flag. Oh you didn’t? Well, that’s just me…)

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S.W. Recipe: WAKE UP Smoothie

I have a confession: I am obsessed with Juice Press. I say this with just a bit of guilt because I know that many of their recipes are ones which I could probably make myself, thus saving money and bettering my culinary skills. But, alas, I don’t. Great story, right? It gets better, hold on.

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