How to diffuse essential oils.

How to Diffuse Essential Oils

Plus a Q+A With Ceramicist Jessie Lazar

In Just the Essentials, our founder Adina Grigore notes that the simplest way to integrate essential oils into your life is to just smell ‘em. Yep, pop open a bottle, take a whiff, and be done with it. In many cases, the smell will be pleasing – but that’s not the whole story, which is what makes essential oils so darn amazing.

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hibernation recovery

Come out of Hibernation with These Three S. Dubs Products

After a serious pump fake (read: global warming glitch) in February, it looks like spring is finally making its appearance on the East coast. And if you’ve spent the last 3+ months hibernating, the new season is the perfect reason to finally get outside and do something beyond ducking into your favorite restaurant. With the lighter temperatures and warmer days, spring makes even the most sloth-like of us suddenly feel like lean whippets, ready for adventure and that proverbial ball chase.

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S.W. FAQ: Our Cleanser

When we first released our three-ingredient, non-foaming Cleanser many moons ago, the skincare world was in a bit of a different place. Brands like Clearasil dominated the face wash category with their “blackhead-busting,” detergent-filled offerings; the idea that a good face wash can – and should – produce no foam was virtually unheard of. Now it’s 2017. Micellar face washes are en vogue (something we’ve discussed at length) and it’s no longer unthinkable to wash your face with something that doesn’t leave you feeling like you just assaulted it with hospital-grade disinfecting soap. In fact, more and more of you understand that a good cleanser should be as gentle as it is effective.

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The S-Dubs Team Talks Cookies To Ya

So all of us here at S-Dubs are pretty into food – talking about it, planning around it, eating it in all shapes & sizes, drooling over other people’s plates… you get the picture. We all have our vices, but today we chose to focus on cookie related treats because we sometimes struggle to find options that don’t leave us feeling terrible about our choice. But, before I get into the team’s faves, I felt it was important to explain how I am qualified to be hosting this oh-so-important discussion…

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S.W. Basics Gift Guide

‘Tis better to give then receive – except, of course, if you have no idea what to give. Admit it: Even the most spirited of us can become slightly Grinch-like at the prospect of gift shopping creatively. That’s where we come in to save the day, ala Cindy Lou Who. (But wait. Do you know who played Cindy Lou in 2000’s classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Bet it’ll blow your mind.) We’re here to help answer the what-the-heck-do-I-buy-this-person question – and vastly improve your holiday mood in the process.

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Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping

Trash Talkin’ Eco Wrapping Options

Here’s some figurative coal for your stocking: It’s estimated that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Americans produce 25 million tons of garbage – about one million extra tons per week. This includes things like food waste, but gift-wrapping and packaging are also major culprits for the excess. So while holiday shopping sprees are pretty much a foregone conclusion, the resulting waste doesn’t need to be.  

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This Holiday, I am Misting.

After Thanksgiving, two things predictably happen: One, my stress levels spike, thanks to the breakneck pace of “holiday,” a time full of non-stop consuming, partying, and traveling. Two, my skin freaks out, thanks to the aforementioned activities.

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We’re All About Those Healthy Fats

People often ask me what the most powerful, nutritionally focused thing they can do to improve their health is. Since we’re all so different, and we all require unique nutrients to best fuel us, choosing just one thing that universally improves health is super tough. There is one fairly universal answer, though; boost your fat intake!

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How Clay Masks Actually Detox the Skin

For a long time, I thought facemasks were more stylish than substantive: Fun, kitschy, selfie-ready accessories, not serious skincare tools. This attitude was reinforced through the fact that most masks I used didn’t ever produce results; in fact, I usually ended up with itchy skin post-use, largely because they were loaded with fragrance.

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