Certifiably Awesome: Claire Mazur & Erica Cerulo, Co-Founders, Of a Kind

You know you’re in love with a brand when you open every single email they send you. It’s a total rarity… and it totally describes our relationship with Of a Kind. Founded by Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, Of a Kind is an e-commerce-slash-editorial platform for up-and-coming brands in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle spaces. The thrill of visiting Of a Kind is threefold: First, you often discover new, awesome brands. Second, you learn their amazing stories. Third, you are then able to shop them easily and seamlessly (it can be dangerous). Yep, in many ways, Of a Kind is the total package. So of course the website’s founders are just as cool.


We met Claire and Erica last year when we collaborated on an exclusive Skin Cleanse box for Of a Kind and our partnership continues to grow with the launch of their new Personal Care Shop, where our cult fave Oil Serum is now featured. Since the love is obviously mutual, we decided it was high time to put these two through the Certifiably Awesome rigamarole. Below are their (DELIGHTFUL) answers — read on, and be sure to check out Of a Kind’s rad Personal Care Shop, too!


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What is your favorite “I-really-shouldn’t-be-eating-this” food?

CLAIRE: Oof, so hard to pick a favorite! But buffalo wings drenched in blue cheese is a classic for me. Blondie’s, a sports bar on the Upper West Side, has the best ones in NYC and my husband and I have a tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day there. Never too hard to get a reservation then, shockingly.

ERICA: Movie theater snacks. Popcorn plus Sour Patch Kids—whaaaat. You know you’re in trouble when you’re trying to sell yourself on the nutritional value of Raisinets.


What is a skincare myth that you have busted on your own?

CLAIRE: I’ve tried every body hair removal method that exists and I’m here to tell you that they’re all a waste of time: save up for laser hair removal and be done with it forever. Life-changing decision.

ERICA: That you should abide by a product’s intended use. Know what’s the best fix for super-chapped lips? 100% lanolin nipple cream that is sold for breastfeeding moms (and is safe for babies’ wittle mouths, so!).


What percent natural are you?

CLAIRE: You make me feel like a natural woman, S.W. Basics!

ERICA: More and more every dang day—and it helps that natural and fancy-feeling are merging. Because both are real important to me, okay?


What is your naked animal? (Oh you don’t know what this is? Allow us to improve your life tremendously. IF posing for naked photos, what animal would you choose to hide your girly parts?)

CLAIRE: Hmm…Falkor? Falkor. Definitely Falkor.

ERICA: Why, my favorite bunnies of Instagram.


Falkor from the Neverending Story. 

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