Certifiably Awesome: Drew Crockett, Founder & CEO HubBub Coffee

Heard the news? We’ve launched a limited edition, limited quantity Microbatch Coffee Scrub. Even though it’s pop-up product of sorts, we still spent as much time carefully deliberating our sourcing and ingredients as we do with all our products… which is we were psyched to partner with Philadelphia-based coffee company HubBub Coffee.


Drew Crockett is the founder and CEO of HubBub, and he took the time to tell us a bit more about his company, how he prefers his coffee, and what his naked animal is (duh). Read on – and be sure to check out our Microbatch Coffee Scrub here.



Microbatch Coffee Scrub with HubBub Beans


For those readers who’ve never had the pleasure of HubBub-ing, how would you describe your brand? 


At the heart, HubBub is about people, and coffee is an incredible medium to bring people together – whether its friends or business acquaintances in our shops or family on a Saturday morning. We have always prided ourselves on being approachable in a coffee world where many consumers often feel intimidated about how to order or what they are actually ordering.



Image via HubBubCoffee.com


You started HubBub as a food truck venture. Why a truck and, more importantly, why go for coffee? 


From the beginning, we wanted to create a different kind of company.  We wanted to create a brand and a business that people wanted to be a part of – customers, employees, vendors, even people who didn’t drink coffee.  We started in a truck because it made sense as a means to beta test a new business, and from a brand perspective it made us stand out as different from day one.


Coffee is super competitive, and we saw the truck as a way to launch our company, not just as a one-off experiment, but as the seedling of a brand that could one day grow beyond the daily interactions of the sidewalk.  When we launched the truck, it was the beginning of a food truck revolution of sorts, which has seen some pretty unexpected offerings from a range of chefs and entrepreneurs over the last decade.


There is something romantic about coffee and coffee shops, and we were able to draw on a wealth of coffee experiences from traveling to different countries and from our hometown, and we saw a great opportunity to think about a very ordinary experience (ordering coffee) in an extraordinary way.


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Image via HubBubCoffee.com


Your truck was a huge success. What was the transition like from truckin’ to opening up a retail storefront?


Launching our first storefront was like starting a whole new business.  From a brand perspective, the truck did great things for us and still does (we actually just did a complete gut renovation of the truck), but from an operations perspective, we had to figure out how to go from a one-man show to a team oriented culture with a shared vision.


That part has been exciting to see come to reality over time.  At the end of the day, success is about people and no matter how good your product or service is, your people are what turn a cool idea into something impactful.


What’s the deal with your awesome beans? Where are you sourcing and roasting ‘em? 


We source our coffee from all the major growing regions around the globe, but have a focus on Central and South America and Africa.  Though we are a Philly-based company, we are currently roasting in a temporary location in Redhook, Brooklyn – a place called the Pulley Collective.  You should check it out!


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.41.51 AM

Image via HubBub Instagram – Drew and his two twin baby girls! 


What’s, uh, brewing in the world of HubBub right now? 

We are super stoked on Cold Brew, and are working on a home base – a worldwide HQ, if you will – that will be totally new to the coffee experience.  Stay tuned!


Cold brew or hot coffee? 

We love all things coffee, but Cold Brew is our jam!


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.52.07 AM

Image via HubBub Instagram


Milk and sugar or black?  

Black, but we don’t judge. Coffee is an incredibly personal experience and we aren’t in the business of telling you what you should like.


Craziest coffee order you’ve ever witnessed? 

Not sure if there is one that sticks out, but in the early days of the truck, we would get some pretty funny requests from customers who just saw us as a food truck and didn’t realize we only rolled with coffee.  “Can I get two hot dogs with cheese?” That will always stick in my mind as a reminder of where we came from.


Certifiably Awesome Questions


What is your favorite food that a nutritionist would approve of? 

Peanut Butter, banana, and honey on a toasted English muffin (is that approvable?).


What is your favorite “I-really-shouldn’t-be-eating-this” food?

Really digging gelato right now – Talenti double dark chocolate.


What percent natural are you?



What is your naked animal? 

A crocodile.


**Thanks, Drew!**

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Image via HubBub Instagram

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