Mom & Me DIY: “Play-Doh” + Mask



Hey, moms. We want to have a little chat. We know that you’re out there, you support us, and you’re working your tail off to make it all work – motherhood, friendships, careers, activities, life. And you’re doing an incredible job. But we also know that sometimes that can all be a bit too much and you find yourself stuck in the house with a blotchy complexion and a grumpy six-year-old that suddenly hates all of his/her toys. Which is why we made you this mom-and-me DIY. Because we appreciate you and your complexion. The unifying elements of these two recipes are our Hibiscus Mask, our Makeup Remover, and…turmeric. (Yes, the spice!) Using these ingredients, we’re making two totally different – but equally colorful – DIYs. Read on!

Homemade Play-Doh

This homemade play-doh is insanely easy to make, but your kid will get a total kick out of seeing it all come together. Moreover, hand-dyeing the dough is fun for everyone (yourself included), particularly when you’re using our bright pinky-purple Hibiscus Mask and brilliant yellow turmeric powder as non-toxic dyes. Note that this is a messy project that will require laying down some newspaper and thoroughly washing hands afterward. Also: Although the dough is technically okay to eat if your kid is a little naughty, it’s not a good idea.



2 cups flour

¾ cup salt

1 cup water

1 tablespoon Makeup Remover OR tablespoon olive oil / other thin oil

½ tablespoon coconut oil

1 tablespoon or more Hibiscus Mask

1 tablespoon or more turmeric powder

Additional water for blending


Mix all ingredients together thoroughly, blending as you would normal dough. Once the dough has

been created, separate into smaller pieces to dye. To help blend color, mix the dry colorants

(Hibiscus Mask and turmeric) in with a bit of water to coat thoroughly. Use as much as you’d like

to get your desired hue.

Mom & Me Diy

Turmeric-Hibiscus Face Mask

While your kid is playing around with his newfound toy, you can slather on a brightening, anti-inflammatory DIY face mask made from the same ingredients: our Hibiscus Mask, turmeric, and Makeup Remover. This one is particularly good for hormonal or breakout prone skin, thanks to the pore-clearing properties of the Hibiscus Mask and the oil-regulating properties of turmeric. It’s also great for any complexion that needs a bit of perking up. #motherhood



1 teaspoon Makeup Remover or other organic plant oil

½ tablespoon Hibiscus Mask

½ teaspoon turmeric

Water to blend


Combine all ingredients, mixing in water and stirring well. Apply onto face, avoiding sensitive areas like eyes and eyelids. Leave on for up to ten minutes then rinse thoroughly. This mask may leave a still hue on your skin; use extra Makeup Remover to remove completely.

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