Salve Hacks

We launched our Salve to be a catchall, use wherever / whenever treatment for whatever ails ya. Got chapped lips? Slather it on. Plagued by that weird, dry patchiness on your elbows? Salve ‘em. Got too burned and have a peeling nose? Salve will work.

And while it’s versatile, our Salve is also infinitely hack-able. What’s “hack-able,” you ask? It means it can be combined with other S.W. Basics products for delightful results! Ahead, we’re sharing some of our favorites.


Minty Spot Treatment

Peppermint Salve + Tea Tree Essential Oil

There is nothing more disheartening than the feeling of a giant pimple forming. This hack goes out to those of us who refuse to be complacent bystanders in this sinister process. We’ve talked ad nauseam at how awesome tea tree oil is at combating acne (it’s just as powerful as benzoyl peroxide, natch), so of course it’s our go-to zit zapper. Pairing it with our Peppermint Salve alleviates inflammation and ensures skin doesn’t dry out, plus the antibacterial proprieties of peppermint essential oil help do the pimple-destroying job. Use a small amount of each and apply to the offending spot before bedtime.


Cuticle Rub

Salve + Oil Serum

Okay, we used to LOL at people who actually used cuticle treatments for real. They felt so unnecessary, like having a pompom handbag accessory. (Why accessorize your accessory? We digress.) Well, having finally gotten on the cuticle treatment bandwagon ourselves we can affirm that it’s amazing, particularly if you’re a lifelong nail-biter. You just need a pinch of both our Salve and our Oil Serum for this one; the mixture of healing oils – avocado, turmeric, sunflower, to name a few – and protective carnauba wax prevents peeling and leaves you looking like a freaking hand model. Added bonus: Apply any excess directly to your nails to help strengthen ‘em.


Waterproof Mascara Remover

Original Salve + Makeup Remover

Considering wearing eye makeup can make you look like a deranged raccoon in a matter of minutes, many of us buy industrial-strength waterproof mascara. (#judgmentfreezone) While we avoid looking like a frightening nocturnal animal, the only issue here is that the stuff does not come off. While our Makeup Remover will work with some time and patience, you can speed up the process by adding something a little more heavy-duty, a la our Salve. This treatment is quite reminiscent of ye olden days when you slathered Vaseline on your face to remove that scary long-lasting lipstick, minus the petroleum. Use about a pea-sized amount of each for best results.


Flowery Solid Perfume

Geranium Salve  + Lavender Essential Oil

Um, so, solid perfume is a “thing.” Given aerosols kind of freak us out; this is something we’re mildly into. But artificial fragrance is a nonstarter for us. Happily, blending our Geranium Salve (scented with geranium essential oil) and our Lavender Essential Oil produces a flowery aroma sans synthetics and it comes in solid perfume form! If you want to get super-intense about this, you can add the essential oils directly into the Salve tin (about 5-10 drops) or scent-as-you go. We recommend scenting as you go for newbies; two drops of Lavender Essential Oil and a pea-sized amount of Salve is a good proportion here.


Dewy Sheen Treatment

Rosewater Spray + Jojoba Oil + Salve

Everywhere we look there is some skincare product that promises dewy, glowing skin. We’d roll our eyes if we weren’t totally into the concept; who doesn’t want skin that looks like J. Lo’s in “Waiting For Tonight”? So, with some experimentation we came up with a “sheen treatment.” Don’t laugh – it’s awesome. Use a dime-sized amount of Jojoba Oil, several healthy spritzes of our Rosewater Spray, and a tiny smudge of our Salve. Apply as you would a normal moisturizer; the addition of the Salve lends the whole combination a notable bit of heft and sheen, plus Jojoba Oil and Rosewater work in tandem to lock in hydration and reduce redness. It’s all very J. Lo circa 2003, particularly if you add an extra smudge of Salve to the inner corners of your eyes and cheekbones. Shout out to Jenny from the block, y’all.

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