Scent Your Cream!

We know many of you love our bestselling Cream. Yet we also know that love is imperfect and some of you would like it to smell like the beach / a pine needle / a balmy coconut grove. We hear you. And we have two recommendations.

One, there’s now a Lavender and a Juniper version of our Tube Cream, both scented with essential oils. (The Lavender is the quintessential, flowery-and-soothing fragrance you’ve probably encountered before; the lesser-known Juniper has a more woodsy, slightly wintery smell. They’re both awesome, so check ‘em out.)

Two, it’s really, really easy to scent your Cream using essential oils. While we won’t go into a long spiel about essential oils versus synthetic fragrance, here’s the gist: Perfume is one of the most irritating components in personal care products out there. We tend to think of fragrance as a single ingredient, but it can actually be made up of thousands of ingredients, some of which are known allergens, irritants, and toxins. Stick with pure essential oils – we swear by Aura Cacia – and you’ll get the same good-smelling results and none of the icky side effects. Added bonus: Many essential oils possess amazing functional properties, from helping reduce inflammation to fighting bacteria, so you will smell and feel great.

Now back to scenting your Cream. Here’s two ways:

Scent-as-you go – for the fickle

If you want to scent your Cream on the fly, start by scooping out a teaspoon-sized amount in your hand. Next, add 1-2 drops of the essential oil of your choice; ideally it’s one that you’ve used before and your skin likes. (Always test it out!) Rub your hands together thoroughly to warm up the mixture, blend together, and apply as you normally would. Done!

Scent the bottle – for the committed

This is for those of you who want the whole darn bottle to smell like a dream. Begin by filling up a saucepan with four inches of water. Place on stovetop and set on low heat. In the meantime, dig out a small hole in a new Cream; this is where you’ll drop the essential oils in. Add 10-20 drops of essential oil of your choice – but go conservatively if it’s a particularly strong essential oil.

When the water is hot but not boiling – note that you should not put the glass in boiling water for risk of cracking remove the pot from the heat. Then immediately place your tightly sealed Cream bottle in it, letting it hang out in the water for a minute or two so. The heat should soften your Cream and allow melting to happen – don’t be alarmed if it turns totally liquid-y, that’s the point! If you want to ensure the essential oil is mixed in thoroughly, feel free to use a spoon to do so. Let it cool then place it in the fridge for one to two hours. Et viola! You’ve got a scented Cream.

BUT WAIT, you say!!! You want to scent your Cream but have no idea which essential oils you should use!? Well, here are three of our current favorites:   

Spicy Floral = Sandalwood + Rose Chamomile – Rose chamomile is one of our all-time favorite scents for its mellow and sweet aroma. Blended with sandalwood – a classic, woodsy note – it creates a warm, spicy, floral scent. This one is great for year-round wear.

Flower Bomb = Rose Otto + Neroli – If you’re all about smelling like a bouquet of flowers, this one is for you. Rose otto is your classic rich rose fragrance while neroli is heady and decidedly exotic. This one is great for summertime / warm weather wear, and for date night wink wink.

Warm and Cozy = Cinnamon + Cardamom – If you want to smell like a not-too-sweet gingerbread cookie, choose this one. Spicy cinnamon needs no introduction, while cardamom has a sweet nutty scent. These are both strong oils, so go on the lighter side when blending—no more than one to two drops of each. (PS: This is our go-to wintertime blend. Because everything should smell like cookies when it’s cold.)

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