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Six Ways to DIY the Best Bathtub Party of Your Life

1. Dump two heaping tablespoons of our Exfoliant and one heaping tablespoon of our Body Oil (especially Lemongrass scented if you’re feeling chilly or flu-ish!) into the bath to help soothe itchy skin, fight body breakouts, and come out nice and soft. Level up: add up to half a cup of oat flour for super sensitive, irritated skin.

2. Stir one heaping tablespoon of our Cream into the bath for you and/or your little ones until it fully melts in the water. Massage into skin during bath to get the most luxurious skin treatment our shea butter delight can offer. Level up: an extra tablespoon of olive oil, coconut oil, or shea butter for moisture deluxe.
3. Brew tea that’s been sitting around for too long (and you’ll never drink) into the tub. Any herbal, green, black, or red tea—they’re all full of anti-aging antioxidants. Use 10-20 bags if you have them, and if not, open a few bags and mix with Body Oil, pat onto your skin and soak before dunking in the tub.
4. Forget bath bombs. (Seriously, forget them.) If you want your bath to look fun and be good for you, throw in a scoop of our Hibiscus Mask.
5. Sensitive lady parts? Try a tablespoon of coconut oil, a cup of apple cider vinegar, plus a handful of opened probiotic capsules.
6. Use our Body Scrub as a post-shave treatment so that you can skip moisturizing, prevent razor bumps, and smell like the cookies the S-Dubs team has been chomping on.

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