Skin Cleanse-Approved: Four New DIYs

Whether it’s cleaning out your winter clothes-laden closet or embarking on a new fitness routine, springtime is historically a time for new beginnings. So it’s only fitting that we unveil four brand-new DIYs for you to sink your teeth (skin?) into this season. Created by our founder Adina Grigore, these Skin Cleanse-friendly recipes offer a fresh take on some of your favorite skincare treatments, plus cater to a variety of skin concerns. Read on and let us know how you’re DIY-ing goes by sharing your creations on social with us using the hash tag #SkinCleanse.


Hydrating Mask 

A lot of masks are effective at clearing out pores, but leave skin dehydrated and distressed in the process. Ultra-hydrating coconut oil and nourishing shea butter make this mask a great choice for dry skin. Oat flour has natural saponins to gently remove dirt and oil while kelp powder is loaded in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.

Combine all ingredients thoroughly (if necessary, warm up your shea butter before using). Apply to entire face, letting sit on for 10-20 minutes. Remove with oil or sudsy face wash. 


Acne Treatment for Sensitive Skin

Breakouts are cruel to deal with in any measure, but particularly when your skin is super-duper sensitive. This acne-targeting treatment will treat blemishes without making your all skin red and raw. The inclusion of rosewater and lavender hydrosol ensure that this tonic is gentle and anti-inflammatory, while apple cider vinegar will kill off any lingering bacteria, plus help to balance out your skin’s oil production.

Pour into a spritz bottle and shake well before using. Apply as a spray or use a cotton round. Do not rinse off.




Firming Face Oil for Maturing Skin

We get requests all of the time about the best treatments for mature skin, so this one goes out to you folks. For as gentle as it is, lavender essential oil is a potent tool to fight free radical damage; research has shown it helps the body produce three of the most powerful antioxidants (glutathione, catalase and superoxide dismutase). Coconut oil and jojoba oil are very nurturing oils that can help boost collagen production, thus hydrating and “plumping” up the skin.

Combine all ingredients together thoroughly. Use as a nighttime face oil. 


Skin and Brain Clearing Bath Soak 

A good bath can do wonders for the body – and the mind, too. This soak will address body breakouts, thanks to inclusion of bacteria-killing sea salt and tea tree oil. Oat flour acts as a physical scrub, while aloe vera powder is hydrating and healing. The addition of lavender essential oil makes this elixir smell wonderful and can assist in helping calm down your overactive brain, too.

Stir all ingredients into a bowl, making sure essential oils get completely incorporated into dry ingredients. Use entire combo in a bath all at once within a few days. 

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