S.W. Basics Goes on a Holiday #TechCleanse

What is a “tech cleanse” and why are we doing it? Is it because we’re obsessed with Kendall Jenner and wish we were bffs? I mean kind of, but a digital detox is old news for S-Dubs. For the past two years, our team has collectively taken time, always around the holiday season, to disconnect. For one full day, we don’t post on Instagram, we don’t text our friends, and we don’t check our email. This year, we’re pushing the envelope and going tech-free for three full days. What’ll happen? Will our heads explode? Will the world miss our Instagram posts? Will we be so bored that we’ll actually be forced to face all of our fears and problems and neuroses? All likely.

To be clear: our impetus for a digital detox didn’t sprout (lol) from some hippy hatred of technology. In general, we’re actually pretty obsessed with social media. It’s been imperative to our growth as a business, it’s how we express ourselves creatively, and it’s where we tell our audience what’s happening at the company. We feel lucky to exist in the age of Instagram and Facebook (though Snapchat…well, that’ll come when we find the right millennial for the job—holler if you’re interested). Our annual #techcleanse grew from the reality that we spend all day on our computers and phones. Our team communicates via Slack even more than we do face-to-face. As a startup, every moment feels important, so we tend to check our emails at all hours. A holiday cleanse allows us to take a break, to clear our minds, and to refocus just in time for the New Year.

The other day, I practically bumped into someone on the street because my head was bowed down looking at Instagram. I felt so embarrassed to be that person. When we brought up the cleanse at a meeting the other day, chaos ensued. One telling example–my coworker Michael’s eyes grew wide as he boldly admitted that he felt slightly addicted to his screens and told us that the first thing he does in the morning is check his email. I think that’s the real kicker. Our devices are addictive, and so many of us check them unconsciously. If that’s you, you’re certainly not alone, but it might be helpful to take a little breather. Wouldn’t it be awesome to check in with ourselves when we first woke up instead of our email?


Now you can. We’re officially inviting you to join us. You can participate in our detox for one day or you can go big and strive for all three. Here are some easy guidelines to help:

  1. Plan ahead. Finish your work and schedule the cleanse during vacation or a weekend.
  2. Do as much or as little cleansing as you can. If you have kids who you need to be in contact with via text, don’t sweat it! Put your computer away, but keep your phone. You can always delete or hide those pesky apps.
  3. Cleanse with a partner (do it with us December 29th– January 1!). It’ll encourage you to be more accountable.
  4. Plan some activities for the inevitable spare time. Read, cook, host people at your house, play games, or go outdoors. (Remember the outdoors??)
  5. Check in with yourself during the cleanse. If you get through a day and feel great afterward, it might indicate that you should try doing it more often. If you’re super stressed the whole time, that might also be something to ponder! You know you best.

So how does it sound? Are you in? We hope so. See you on the other side, where we can all share our new ideas and thoughts and feelings and happiness that we survived one hour/three days out of 365 without our technology.

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