Three Luxurious DIYs Just In Time for Valentine’s Day

So, there’s this old adage that if you don’t love yourself, it’s hard to love someone else. Listen, I don’t want to sound like a corny Pinterest board, but there’s something to that nugget of wisdom. Self-love begets real love.

And there are a million ways to practice self-love and its cousin, self-care. Some of them are rather profound, such as surrounding yourself with positive people or seeking out therapy. But there are other, less profound ways, too: Taking a long bath, cooking yourself a healthy dinner, laughing your ass off with your best friend.

Skincare may fall into the “less profound” route, but it’s fun, easy, and just so happens to be our expertise (though we’re happy to go to a therapy session with you, too). Here are three ultra-luxurious DIYs to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and, well, any day.

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Scent Your Cream!

We know many of you love our bestselling Cream. Yet we also know that love is imperfect and some of you would like it to smell like the beach / a pine needle / a balmy coconut grove. We hear you. And we have two recommendations.

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Bathtub Party Photo

Six Ways to DIY the Best Bathtub Party of Your Life

1. Dump two heaping tablespoons of our Exfoliant and one heaping tablespoon of our Body Oil (especially Lemongrass scented if you’re feeling chilly or flu-ish!) into the bath to help soothe itchy skin, fight body breakouts, and come out nice and soft. Level up: add up to half a cup of oat flour for super sensitive, irritated skin.
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Shea Butter: The S.W. Basics Golden Child

In her book Skin Cleanse, our founder Adina Grigore remarks, “I believe that shea butter is the single greatest skin-care ingredient. It changed my life, and it is essentially the reason I started S.W. Basics.” Now, Adina is not one for hyperbole, so you’ve got to wonder: What is it about shea butter that’s so darn awesome?


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Let’s Do Acid

Not that kind of acid, you crazy kid! I’m talking about skincare and the natural acids that benefit your skin. Emphasis on natural: While synthetic versions are found everywhere, they’re not nearly as safe nor gentle as their organic, non-toxic counterparts. I think it’s crazy that we’re creating super potent, synthetically engineered versions of already very potent natural acids. These hyper-concentrated acids are particularly harsh on sensitive skin and can cause unwanted skin sensitivities. In fact, the FDA has linked the use of synthetic acids to an increased risk for skin cancer.

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