Three Luxurious DIYs Just In Time for Valentine’s Day

So, there’s this old adage that if you don’t love yourself, it’s hard to love someone else. Listen, I don’t want to sound like a corny Pinterest board, but there’s something to that nugget of wisdom. Self-love begets real love.

And there are a million ways to practice self-love and its cousin, self-care. Some of them are rather profound, such as surrounding yourself with positive people or seeking out therapy. But there are other, less profound ways, too: Taking a long bath, cooking yourself a healthy dinner, laughing your ass off with your best friend.

Skincare may fall into the “less profound” route, but it’s fun, easy, and just so happens to be our expertise (though we’re happy to go to a therapy session with you, too). Here are three ultra-luxurious DIYs to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and, well, any day.

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Trust: DIYing is Better with Friends

It’s common knowledge that cooking for one can be difficult: It’s hard to purchase the right quantities, you end up with copious amounts of leftovers (or eating way too much), and it’s just kinda… lonely. Well, the same could be said for DIYing. After all, wearing a ridiculous-looking homemade facemask is always better when you can laugh at your friend who is wearing it too, right? Right.

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Scent Your Cream!

We know many of you love our bestselling Cream. Yet we also know that love is imperfect and some of you would like it to smell like the beach / a pine needle / a balmy coconut grove. We hear you. And we have two recommendations.

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Salve Hacks

We launched our Salve to be a catchall, use wherever / whenever treatment for whatever ails ya. Got chapped lips? Slather it on. Plagued by that weird, dry patchiness on your elbows? Salve ‘em. Got too burned and have a peeling nose? Salve will work.

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Mom & Me DIY: “Play-Doh” + Mask



Hey, moms. We want to have a little chat. We know that you’re out there, you support us, and you’re working your tail off to make it all work – motherhood, friendships, careers, activities, life. And you’re doing an incredible job. But we also know that sometimes that can all be a bit too much and you find yourself stuck in the house with a blotchy complexion and a grumpy six-year-old that suddenly hates all of his/her toys. Which is why we made you this mom-and-me DIY. Because we appreciate you and your complexion. The unifying elements of these two recipes are our Hibiscus Mask, our Makeup Remover, and…turmeric. (Yes, the spice!) Using these ingredients, we’re making two totally different – but equally colorful – DIYs. Read on!

Homemade Play-Doh

This homemade play-doh is insanely easy to make, but your kid will get a total kick out of seeing it all come together. Moreover, hand-dyeing the dough is fun for everyone (yourself included), particularly when you’re using our bright pinky-purple Hibiscus Mask and brilliant yellow turmeric powder as non-toxic dyes. Note that this is a messy project that will require laying down some newspaper and thoroughly washing hands afterward. Also: Although the dough is technically okay to eat if your kid is a little naughty, it’s not a good idea.

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Bathtub Party Photo

Six Ways to DIY the Best Bathtub Party of Your Life

1. Dump two heaping tablespoons of our Exfoliant and one heaping tablespoon of our Body Oil (especially Lemongrass scented if you’re feeling chilly or flu-ish!) into the bath to help soothe itchy skin, fight body breakouts, and come out nice and soft. Level up: add up to half a cup of oat flour for super sensitive, irritated skin.
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DIY Your Coffee

Perhaps you’ve noticed that with the launch of our Microbatch Coffee Scrub, we’re into all things coffee lately – which, obviously, includes DIY-ing. In fact, coffee is one of our absolute favorite pantry items to DIY with, largely because it is so convenient. If you’re making it in the morning, chances are you’ve got some leftover grounds or brew. Instead of chucking the stuff, save it and you’re ready to go. Laziness points intact, ahead are three totally simple coffee-based recipes you can DIY at home. Read on!

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DEET or Don’t?

DEET – the active element in many insect repellents – is one of those ingredients that we have a “love-hate” relationship with. On one hand, it is consistently proven to be the most effective repellent available against insects like mosquitos and ticks. Furthermore, is the gold standard for protecting against life-altering illnesses like Zika and Malaria. (Yikes.) But studies like this one have shown that prolonged exposure to DEET can cause physiological abnormalities and cell death in rats. What’s more, DEET has also been linked to negative side effects like skin irritations, nausea, rashes, headaches, and dizziness.


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4 Natural Sunburn Remedies to Try Now

While most of us know we should be applying sunscreen regularly, who hasn’t had the best intentions go awry? Maybe it’s because you’ve spent too much time flailing in the ocean without reapplying SPF; perhaps it’s because you “accidentally” extended your quick lunch break into an hour-long Vitamin D fest. Whatever the reason for the burn, we won’t scold you for it. We’ve all been there because let’s be honest:Sunburns happen.

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All About Nails

My nails – fingers and toes – have never been a part of my body that I’ve put much thought and/or effort into. In fact, they’re a mess. For one, I’m a chronic nail biter who is also plagued by peeling cuticles, a brutal combination that means my fingernails are often frighteningly short, dangerously jagged, and occasionally bleeding. If this monster-as-a-woman visual hasn’t already scared you enough, my toenails are another gruesome story. Given my compulsions, I’d probably bite them if I could (I don’t). But no, the problem with my toenails is that I’m excessively cruel to them.

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