Five #SWHacks You Need to Try Now

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we LOVE a good #SWHack. If you don’t follow us on Instagram – you really should – then let me explain. An #SWHack is a creative, not-so-obvious combination of our products that we hope will both surprise and delight. They’re truly wonderful, often life-altering revelations (okay I might be over-exaggerating a bit) that further enable you to really customize your routine for your skin. Below, we detail out five of our favorite hacks. Test ’em out!

The Best Face Scrub Ever

Exfoliant + Cleanser + Tea Tree Oil (optional)

A total classic, we coined this one our Exfoli-Cleanser; you’ll substitute our Cleanser for water and the results are magical. It’s basically like using a souped-up version of the Exfoliant – one that’s infused with calming rosewater and acne-fighting tea tree oil. Add in an extra drop of our Tea Tree Oil if you’re experiencing a big ‘ol breakout.



Toner + Lavender Hydrosol

A favorite of our founder, Adina, this soothing, breakout-busting Toner is just amazing. We recommend either combining the two products in equal parts in a spritz bottle or waiting until your Lavender Hydro is about half empty before dumping some of our Toner into the bottle; shake the bottle up to thoroughly combine them, spray on your face, and don’t rinse off. This Toner has ingredients to combat acne (apple cider vinegar) AND soothe easily irritated skin (lavender).

A Light Moisturizer or Cuticle Dry Hair Treatment

Cream + Makeup Remover

This is a great combination for you warm weather folks – I hate you right now – that love our shea butter Cream but want something a little lighter. Our Makeup Remover will quite literally thin the Cream out, plus enable it to absorb a bit faster. While this pairing is good for your face, I also love it as a cuticle and/or a dry hair treatment. For the latter, just rub onto dry ends and leave on.

An Ultra-Luxe Face Mask

Oil Serum + Hibiscus Mask

This is a personal favorite of mine; it’s one that I whip up when I’m in a highbrow mood (like, when I’m drinking nice white wine and watching a PBS documentary). You’ll mix about a two-to-one combination of Hibiscus Mask and Oil Serum together in your palm, plus add just little bit of water to the combo. Apply and leave on for 20 minutes; the Hibiscus Mask will help detox pores and accelerate cell turnover while the Oil Serum is deeply hydrating and antibacterial, too.

The Best Bath Soak Ever

Sea Salt + Body Oil + Lavender Essential Oil

If you spend any time skiing and/or exerting yourself making a snowman this winter, please use this combo after. And if you don’t, please use this combo anyway. The Sea Salt will relax muscles, plus fight any body acne (I personally sweat a LOT when I ski), the Body Oil will hydrate your bod, and the Lavender Essential Oil will make the whole tub smell like heaven. Hmmmm.

Okay, I gotta go take a bath. Good luck!

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