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Come out of Hibernation with These Three S. Dubs Products

After a serious pump fake (read: global warming glitch) in February, it looks like spring is finally making its appearance on the East coast. And if you’ve spent the last 3+ months hibernating, the new season is the perfect reason to finally get outside and do something beyond ducking into your favorite restaurant. With the lighter temperatures and warmer days, spring makes even the most sloth-like of us suddenly feel like lean whippets, ready for adventure and that proverbial ball chase.

But with this new season and newfound outdoor-centric mentality, you might find that your skin is suddenly acting… weird. Maybe it’s suddenly clogged up and breaking out; perhaps it’s super-sensitive to sunshine due to your vampire-inspired wintertime habits. Ahead, we’re sharing three of our favorite S. Dubs products to ease you through this seasonal awkwardness – read on!


THE PROBLEM:  Thanks to rising temperatures your skin is suddenly riddled with clogged pores (blackhead, whiteheads, you-name-it-heads). But exfoliation sounds awful because your skin is oddly dry and super-sensitive. Hmmm.

THE S.W. SOLUTION: Our Cream Scrub. Think of our new Cream Scrub as part-serious exfoliator, part-potent moisturizer. Featuring super-fine, grainy but melty Demerara sugar, it gently scrubs skin and kills bacteria. But thanks to its luxuriously hydrating base of shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil, it will leave your skin totally moisturized. Use either morning or night (or both) and make the judgment call on whether you need to moisturize post-use… but we’re guessing you won’t have to.


THE PROBLEM: You spent the past weekend whipping around outside, gleefully sweating your ass off. Now you’re majorly breaking out – and, oh yeah, your forehead is as slick as mirror.

THE S.W. SOLUTION: Our Exfoliant. This bad boy is our most serious skin-scrubber, thanks to a genius combination of chemical (sea salt) and physical (oat and almond flours) exfoliators. But unlike harsh chemical astringents, this product won’t further inflame skin or send your oil glands into overdrive. Use at the end of the day or after a long workout, and follow up with a light moisturizer. (PS: Got some body acne? Use this guy!)


THE PROBLEM: The seasons are changing, but your skin hasn’t really gotten the memo yet. Your complexion is pallid, dull and downright vampiric (that’s a word, right?).

THE S.W. SOLUTION: Our Hibiscus Mask. If you need to kick-start cell turnover, this is your ticket, thanks to the alpha hydroxy acid content in hibiscus powder. French green clay will draw out toxins and impurities, plus increase circulation while skin-soothing organic lavender will counteract any irritation. Use once per week and follow immediately with a moisturizer. Plus you’ll be right on trend.


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