#SWFAQ: Our Exfoliant

Using our Exfoliant is like spending a perfect day at the beach – there’s salt, there’s “sand” (in the form of ground oats and ground almonds), and at the end of the whole experience, you emerge with glowing skin. I know, however, that not everyone understands the wonders that await them post-Exfoliant, so I’m here to clear things up on the how and why of this signature S. Dubs product.


Why is it all powdery? >:( Most of the scrubs I use are suspended in a liquid or gel.


I discussed this question in a recent blog post, but in short: Because it makes for a better product. By using dry ingredients only, we don’t have to rely on the use of emulsifiers or preservatives, which at best do nothing for your skin and at worst will irritate it. Having a dry product also allows for greater customization – you can blend it with water, honey, oil, our Cleanser… you name it!

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Yeah, but… how the heck do you use it?


Mix equal parts dry product (about a quarter-sized amount) with a “wet” ingredient. As I mentioned above, this can be anything from plain ‘ol tap water to full fat Greek yogurt. Take your time blending both wet and dry together in the palm of your hand and then apply the mixture on your face using circular motions. I like to leave it on for a minute or two to allow the salt to do its magic, then rinse!


What’s up with the salt? Why these ingredients?


I’ll refer back to that ocean anecdote I began the post with in order to explain. Ever notice that after a day or two swimming in the ocean your skin is breakout-free, clear, and kind of has a mermaid-like glow? Yeah, that’s because of sea salt; it truly is one of nature’s most wonderful skincare ingredients. It’s mineral-rich, possesses antibacterial properties, helps encourage circulation, and acts as powerful chemical exfoliator. In this sense, it’s great for all types of skin, but particularly for those more acne-prone folks. The ground almonds and oats in the mixture act as physical exfoliators, plus help to nourish the skin and reduce inflammation.



Ok, I get it! Anything else I should know?


You bet! Here are three of our favorite pairings of our Exfoliant with other S.W. Basics products (also known as #SWHacks).


Exfoliant + Jojoba Oil = Oily Face Scrubber

Mix equal parts Exfoliant with our Jojoba Oil for an ultra-nourishing, gentle face scrub. This is good for super-sensitive or dry skin, or just when you feel like your face needs a little more TLC.




Exfoliant + Hibiscus Mask + Bit of H20 = Brightening Face Mask

Mix equal parts Exfoliant with our Hibiscus Mask for a skin-boosting, ultra-brightening treatment. The addition of Hibiscus Mask will encourage cell turnover and clear out clogged pores, so use this one when you’re really in need of a deep clean.



Exfoliant + Body Oil = Body Breakout Treatment

Mix equal parts Exfoliant with our Body Oil for when you’ve got breakouts that go beyond the face (ahem, “bacne”). We love to use this one in the bath; you can just dump about a tablespoon of each into the water for a nice little soak.


Yes, it’s a little messy, but it gets the job done! 


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