The S.W. Guide to Spring Skincare

Aside from introducing a fresh crop of flowers, the start of the spring season can usher in an array of skin issues. From sunburns as a result of long days in the park to breakouts caused by rising temperatures, these problems can be pesky and discouraging. And while there’s certainly no magic bullet to remedy them all, there are some easy adjustments you can make to your routine to ensure your skin is happy and healthy. Here are some of them!


Be picky about florals. Come April and May, flowers are on the brain, with this season’s batch of rose-scented creams suddenly a ubiquitous feature of every beauty counter. While it’s kind of fun to get in the twitter-pated mood with lighter, floral aromas, synthetic fragrances can be extremely irritating for your skin, plus pose serious health risks. As such, I just love essential oils – they’re largely safe, incredibly versatile (seriously, it’s so easy to blend and layer different combinations), they smell fantastic, and they actually possess a myriad of health benefits. Take lavender essential oil, for example: It’ll fight acne, it can alleviate anxiety, and it’s incredibly fragrant to boot. Try adding some into your moisturizer.

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Take care of seasonal acne. Environmentally induced acne is a common complaint during this time of year; the first 70-degree day can cause your skin’s oil production to go into overdrive. We love apple cider vinegar to help balance out oil production – it helps the skin find its optimal pH balance, thus making it less oily and less dry. Also: A great mask is also great for clearing up clogged pores; I am personally obsessed with anything clay-based, as it has toxin-clearing capabilities like none other. Think of it like spring cleaning… for your face. Just be sure to follow up with something hydrating!

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Lighten up. Moving through spring’s warmer temperatures, you might notice your go-to moisturizer suddenly feels a bit heavy. We’re all about transitioning to lightweight plant and seed oils during the spring and summer; some great ones include jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, and sweet almond oil. PS: They also blend really well with sunscreen!

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Exfoliate, with care. Coming out of winter, skin can be dry and flaky, thanks to a lack of humidity and harsh temperatures. I personally resemble a desert rattlesnake this time of year and it’s not just enough to coat my body in oil — a little scrubbing is in order! We recommend gentle exfoliators like ground oats (good for the face) or coarse sugar (good for the body).

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Don’t forget SPF. It’s the first HOT day in spring. The sun is out and so is every (acceptable) part of your body, sans sunscreen. You relish in the glory of Vitamin D and imagine yourself a bronzed vision…and wind up looking like a hot dog. Sound familiar? Don’t wind up with a nasty burn. Use. Sunscreen.

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