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The Benefits Of Getting Outside

We all intuitively know that when we spend time outside, we feel so much better. Our mental clutter subsides, our skin looks healthier, and our outlook on life opens up. There’s actually a science to what’s going on here. Read on!

NEGATIVE IONS – A properly functioning immune system produces free radicals (positively charged, unpaired particles) to combat invaders like bacteria or pathogens. When left unchecked these free radicals can cause inflammation and oxidation. Back in the day before things got technology-driven and, let’s face it, kind of wonky, humans were outside all the time. The air is filled with negative ions that neutralize free radicals, so we didn’t have to worry about that excess inflammation and oxidation. Cut to the current state of affairs: we’re inside all the time. Too many free radicals make it more difficult for the body to fight infections and can damage the organs. By going outside, you’re minimizing the harmful effects of excessive free radicals in the body.

HORMONAL BALANCE – When we go outside and let ourselves feel relaxed, the stress hormone cortisol is significantly lowered. By breathing in deeply, our bodies have an easier time releasing oxytocin (the love hormone), endorphins, and dopamine. We all know that imbalanced hormones are a prime cause of skin upset. Taking time to normalize your hormone levels works wonders for your skin. So forget finding a dude friend or worrying about your job – go outside! Nature’s got your hormonal balance covered.

Benefits of Getting Outside

VITAMIN D BOOST – Vitamin D is an important vitamin for metabolism and bone strength. It’s a fat-soluble vitamin that’s absorbed through the skin and helps your body process fat more effectively, as well as synthesize Calcium. Going outside for even a few minutes a day allows your body to take inadequate Vitamin D to keep your levels in tip-top shape ☺

For added benefits (and since the weather is finally permitting), try going barefoot! It’s tremendously stabilizing and grounding to walk or sit on natural earth.

My favorite thing about a walk or even just a sit outside is that it’s free. Self-care can get super expensive. Massages, yoga, acupuncture, spin classes, breath work, meditation…the list is endless. We can rack up some serious bills with wellness expenses, when all we need might just be a daily outdoor walk! Feeling great is way more accessible than we culturally tend to think of it. Take a walk on your own or with a friend, or spend a few minutes sitting outside in a park. You just might notice your hormones balancing, your digestion improving, and your skin clearing up ☺

Try Going Outside

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