Introducing S.W. Basics DIY Skincare Essentials

If you don’t know me, let me explain something. I don’t cook (my husband does, phew). I don’t craft. I don’t sew. I don’t fix things. Ikea furniture gives me meltdowns. I firmly believe two things: store-bought products exist for a reason (so we don’t have to DIY them), and there are a lot of amazing companies out there who make stellar products, by hand, in the U.S., and just like anybody, I like to buy those products.

When you think about it, it’s pretty crazy that S.W. Basics started out as my DIY project.

Seven years ago I started making my own skincare in my kitchen. But not in a “Yay I’m so excited DIY is the TRUTH!” kind of way. It was more like, “Ugh kill me is this really the only option?”

I was desperate. My skin was having reactions to every single product I was using (even the crafty handmade in the U.S. ones). I was on all kinds of skin medications, and I was rashy, broken-out, and miserable. I really just had no idea what else to do.

So, thinking that maybe all the products I was using was part of my problem, I put on an apron and started making products, figuring the only way I could get to the bottom of what was wrong was to do it myself.

My skin got instantly better. My routine got way shorter, easier, and less expensive. I felt physical, mental, and emotional relief. And all of those changes were permanent. I ended up finding a few simple ingredients that my skin seemed to like and I turned those into the recipes that we still sell today as the core S.W. Basics line.

But I’ve always wanted to launch a line of single ingredients—so that you can experience what I experienced. We’re calling them S.W. Basics DIY Skincare Essentials, and they are beautiful, potent, and skin-changing.

S.W. Basics DIY Skincare Essentials

At S.W. Basics, I really believe we are highlighting these ingredients in all of our products by keeping it really, really simple. But nothing is as simple as one ingredient, right? And each one is from an incredible family- or small-farmed crop that is super pure, so that you can trust you’re not using a rosewater spray with 12 ingredients in it or a shea butter with unnecessary preservatives and fillers.

And, if you’re not super-crafty, take it from me, I get it. We specifically picked ingredients that can work all by themselves. You don’t need to turn these ingredients into anything else. You do not need to put gloves, goggles, or even an apron on. Just spritz, or mix up a little bit with some water, or simply massage into your skin and voilà. Add some to your current favorite products for a lovely boost. You’ll be so impressed you might start contemplating looking up some tricky DIY recipe online and setting up a double-boiler. No matter how it goes, please let us know, share your creations, ask us questions, anything.

And don’t forget… you’re awesome.

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