The Only Detox I Need This Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays. It’s the most wonderful and my most shameful time of the year, a period of four-ish weeks where I binge on white wine spritzers and mini weenie dogs while battling sleep deprivation and descending slowly in credit card debt (all in unusually festive garb). Given the general overload of consumption and the head-spinning amount of activities that happen during this time period, it’s understandable that I – and many of you, I’m sure – crave a “detox” by the end of the month.

Yet this year something strange has happened. I’m in desperate need of a detox pre-holiday, and it’s not because I’ve been guzzling wine or over-indulging in pastry-wrapped weenies. It’s because I’ve been continually engaged in a subversive, lethal, and ruthlessly addicting vice: distraction.



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