How to Winterize Your Skin Naturally

Is winter wreaking havoc on your skin (again)? Not to worry.

It doesn’t have to be super complicated to winterize your skin care routine, and you can do it 100% naturally. Let’s talk about how.


What do we even mean by “winterizing” your skincare? It’s kind of the same as winterizing your wardrobe! You adjust what you wear in the winter to keep yourself warm and protected, this is also what you should be doing with your skincare…and your health and wellness habits for that matter.

Regardless of where you are in the world and how the weather feels, things change when the seasons change. It doesn’t just have to be temperature. Pressure changes, humidity changes, wind, pollution, and even the sunrise and sunset can and do affect your body and skin’s chemistry in both subtle and more dramatic ways that need to be addressed.


Chances are, it’s a little more sensitive. Most of us get much more dry, and our oil production gets out of whack. Because of this, your product routine that works in other seasons may suddenly stop working, or cause aggravation out of nowhere. You may end up red or broken out from products that have worked for you forever. You may feel like you need to apply way more product than usual, and you still see no difference. All of these things are totally normal! You just need to evaluate and adjust to give your skin what it really needs.


1. Start with your other health and wellness practices.

What are you eating? How stressed do you feel? How much water are you drinking? All of these factors matter tremendously for your skin all the time, but especially when seasons are changing, and even more especially when the weather is severe (so winter and summer). Pay attention to your digestion, your hydration (are your lips chapped? Are you going to the bathroom regularly? These are indicators of hydration and dehydration), and your energy levels.

2. Turn your focus to your routine.

Take a break from your products for a couple of days, washing just with water and moisturizing with something light like olive oil or jojoba oil. Look in the mirror, a lot. What is happening during the break? Your skin knows what to do on its own, without any products, so it will make natural adjustments that are good for you. Don’t freak out if you get more dry or more oily, just pay attention.

Ease back into your products slowly, watching how they work. Do you love your moisturizer but need to use more? Does your face wash leave you dry and peeling? Is everything actually great and you’re freaking out for no reason? 😉


We got you. Take three days to reset with our online Winter Reset Course. You can take it anytime, at your own pace, and the materials will always be available to you. Or email us, we’re here to help!


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