Your Skin Cleanse Cheat Sheet

Thinking about doing a skin cleanse? Well, good for you! I know the prospect can be daunting, though, so I thought I’d offer a few tips to make it easier. Perhaps you’ve read the book but need a little nudge, or perhaps you haven’t but you googled “Do sliced cucumbers really make my eyes less puffy?” and landed here, confused. (The answer is yes, they do. And welcome!)

I’m aware that I am the most biased source for this opinion of all time, but I think doing a skin cleanse is easy. The reason I’m saying it anyways is to encourage you to take a deep breath and relax. I promise this is not nearly the scariest thing you’ll ever do, and I promise lots and lots of people have done it and survived. Not only have they survived, they’ve been really happy with the results.

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And I’m here to help. Always. Here are some tips to make it easier, and don’t forget you can email me personally anytime, plus the entire team at S.W. Basics will be cleansing, and is always ready to chat all things great skin with you!

  1. Take your makeup off really, really well the night before you start the cleanse. We’re going to be washing our faces with water for two whole days. So I’m gonna need you to do some deep cleaning before we start. Exfoliate. Cleanse. Do three rounds with your favorite makeup remover. Get really really shiny clean. Of course we’re offering a sale to help encourage you to use ours because it’s the best makeup remover on the planet, but if you have a beloved one you are using, do it
  2. Find ONE ingredient or ONE product as your emergency crutch. For me, it’s said Makeup Remover. That’s because it’s antibacterial and moisturizing. So if I’m feeling suddenly gross or dry, I can massage some of it on and feel better instantly. Other options: olive oil, apple cider vinegar diluted in some water, plain water, coconut oil, honey (apply then rinse). Again, these are all emergency ingredients. Ideally, you are giving your skin a complete and total break so it has some time to clean and heal itself. But if you’re stressing, wash your face with water over and over. Dab coconut oil hear and there. Whatever you need, as long as it’s simple and [for real] natural.
  3. Get your hands off your face. I’m serious. I should have put this as #1 but I know it’s going to cause a full-blown anxiety attack, and I wanted you to get through the post first. I should have dedicated an entire chapter in Skin Cleanse to how much we wreck our faces by touching/picking/scratching/popping and whatever else those little creepster hands are doing all day. RESIST. The more you do this the better the results will be. Find something else to do. Bite your nails, because I don’t have a nail health book yet. Just try to be as conscious about this as you can.

Okay, hope this was helpful! The whole team is excited for you — be sure to share your experience on social media with the hashtag #SkinCleanse.

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